Tunisia Health Alliance is a group of 15 companies, joining under a common banner and operating in the healthcare sector in Tunisia, having decided to combine knowledge and skills in order to propose a complete, reachble, appropriate and a high-quality offer to the African markets.

With more than 1000 employees in the sector in Tunisia, our members companies are the major stakeholders in different areas of health such as healthcare services, training and education, pharmaceutical industries and medical devices, having a significant experience and expertise.
Our goal is to become a key stakeholder on a regional and international scale, the launch of our group represents a major challenge, but also a source of opportunities given the complexity and development of an increasingly globalized market. Therefore, we are aiming to develop strong, long-lasting and sustainable relationships with you in order to best meet the needs of healthcare practitioners and their patients.

TUNISIA HEALTH ALLIANCE was founded within the framework of the project «Promotion of job-creating export activities to new African markets» (PEMA). It is composed of a group of companies that are highly aware of the export potential that Sub-Saharan African countries represent and intend to join their efforts in order to meet efficiently the opportunities identified in these markets, by creating a strong, inclusive and effective offer.The export plan presented is a part of a larger scope strategy of entering the target markets by the group. Mission:
The grouping TUNISIA HEALTH ALLIANCE proposes a complete, reachble, appropriate and high-quality offer, ensured by the expertise and knowledge of its members; the leading stakeholders of the healthcare industry in Tunisia. Their mission is to promote products and services of its members on the African market and to defend their interests.